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We have a wide range of motorbike accessories available to help make biking comfortable. Visit our shop in Hoddesdon to find everything you need to keep you warm, dry and safe, as well as everything you need to help keep your bike secure, clean and in tip-top condition.

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Wearing a good helmet is not just a legal requirement, it’s the most important safety precaution you can take. It is essential that your helmet fits you perfectly and doesn’t distract you from concentrating on your surroundings and the road ahead. We can help you choose the best helmet to ensure it’s the correct size for optimum safety and offers you the greatest comfort and ventilation. Our most popular helmet brands are LS2 and Duchinni.

LS2 helmets are good quality and offer extremely good value for money. They are comfortable, breathable and great looking too! LS2 visors are built with polycarbonate, which offers maximum clarity and is scratch resistant, fog resistant and impact resistant.

Duchinni helmets offer great protection at affordable prices. They come in a range of modern and retro styles, and many have fun graphics that will reflect your personality.

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We stock a full range of protective clothing, including jackets, trousers, jeans, overshirts and gloves. Our most popular lines are made by the bestselling brands Weise and Duchinni.

Weise produces stylish jackets, trousers and jeans that are windproof and waterproof and have detachable linings to keep you warm when biking in the colder weather. Weise also produces gloves, neck tubes, balaclavas, knee protectors and goggles.

Duchinni clothing gives you Italian style at affordable prices. Leather and textile jackets and trousers come with removable thermal linings. Accessories include additional body armour, as well as rain covers for your boots and gloves.

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Oxford Accessories

Oxford produces some of the toughest security products on the market. Keep your bike secure with chains and padlocks, disc locks, and anchors.

We also stock a full range of Oxford accessories, such as covers to keep your bike clean and dry, tools to help you maintain your bike, lighting accessories and reflective gear, cleaning products, and handlebar accessories.

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